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Mass blocking of evil IP addresses with iptables and IP sets

When running a Linux server or firewall it may be useful to use iptables to block a list of known “evil” IP addresses.  There are many organizations maintaining “block lists” of such IPs, such as Spamhaus, DShield, and OpenBL.  Blocking … Continue reading

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Configuring Flash Player Settings and Updates with VBScript

Adobe Flash Player on Microsoft Windows is is configured by a file, mms.cfg, rather than registry entries.  For a computing environment using Active Directory, a file is more troublesome to handle than registry entries, which can easily be controlled with … Continue reading

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USB-compatible Saturn controllers

Do you love the Sega Saturn control pad?  If not, you’ve probably never used it (or maybe you only used the analog version, or the 1st-gen US Saturn version).  The Japanese Saturn controller (equivalent to the 2nd-gen US Saturn controller) … Continue reading

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